6 Things to Consider Before starting your project

Before you star, follow these 6 steps to get your home improvement project on the right start. Unless you plan ahead, your project can turn into a nightmare.

  1. Think ahead. For any size project is important to identify what it is you want to achieve. Think of the house as one, where all the elements work together and complement each other. So then write a list of all your needs and wants so you are clear from the start.
  2. If your project is about aesthetic. Look at magazines, collect images of what you like and create a scrapbook or a moodboard. This way you will have a clear idea of the look you would like to have.
  3. Plan your budget. Create a list of all the things you will need and want, that way you will know were to spend or safe the money. Do not forget to allow a contingency amount.
  4. You'll need to hire professional help. Finding the best people for your project it should be more that just a reference check. It is very important to find the professionals you feel confortable with and get on with.
  5. Whether you plan a simple carpentry job or a major project requiring the services of a general contractor, misunderstandings can lead to disaster. Do not begin your project without a written contract. Make sure everyone agrees on the work that will be completed, the type of materials and how long it will take.
  6. Building work. Before starting your project, you may need to comply with planning and building regulation.

Your project will be as good as your planning